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A Premium Vue.js Course From Erik Hanchett

"I've helped hundreds of developers learn Vue.js, let me help you too!"

Hi! I'm Erik Hanchett, a full stack developer, author and super fan of Vue.js.

I've been teaching this class for over two years. In that time hundreds of people have taken this course. Let me help you too.

When I first started learning Vue.js years ago, I took the approach many people do. I googled around, I watched a few YouTube videos, and I even borrowed a book or two from the library.

But I really didn't get it.

Yes I could make a basic, badly written, todo app, but I didn't really understand the fundamental concepts behind Vue. How do I write, clean concise, idiomatic Vue code? Should I use a state management system like Vuex, or is there a better way? What are slots and when should I use them? What about TypeScript?

That's when realized that I was learning Vue all wrong.

I was trying to binge watch my way to learning Vue. That didn't work. What did work was to space out my studying over a longer period of time and to work closely with a mentor along the way. Someone that had worked on Vue in production and knew how to guide me and help me get unstuck.

That's where this course comes in.

Imagine if you were able to write any Vue.js app for production without having to google every concept. What if you were able to land that next job, and beat out the other candidates, because you had Vue knowledge. Imagine you had confidence in every Vue app you created. Enroll now and find out!

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Most Developers Make This Mistake!!!

"I'm in tutorial HELL - HELP!"

When I chat with other developers learning Vue I commonly see them make this mistake. It goes like this:

You watch or read a few tutorials, and you're feeling pretty good about yourself. However, you're still not sure what to do next. So you watch another tutorial, or buy a cheap course off of Udemy. You are still confused so you read a blog post. Then you watch another video. And this cycle continues until you have what I call "tutorial fatigue".

Sound familiar?

Developers who do this feel productive. I certainly have. Unfortunately, it's not real. The reality is that you are too afraid to really deep dive into a project and have the burden of having to make real decisions, sacrifices and trade offs.

What's the Solution?

What you need is a plan for where you need to go. That's really hard because you don't know what you don't know.

So many people learning Vue spin their wheels for months trying to learn but they don't know how or where to go.

This isn't limited to new developers either. I've struggled with it, my very senior developer friends have, and so has everyone else. Our brains think we can trick ourselves into learning by just randomly watching videos online but it doesn't always work that way.

That is where Vue 360 comes in.

I know the struggles developers have getting stuck in "tutorial fatigue" hell. Coding along with random internet videos isn't enough.

This course will take you on a complete Vue.js six module journey. Each module will include a structured plan that will slowly introduce you to beginner, then intermediate, then advanced Vue concepts. I'll be there along the way to help you along, and give you some advice from my over 10 years of experience writing code.

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What's Included?

This Is Not Your Typical Vue Course!

Most courses out there give you some videos, maybe a project or two, and you're on your own.

This course is not like that.

This course is broken up into six modules so you can slowly learn Vue (at your own pace). When you enroll you'll get access to my private discord community, with other students, past and present, that are learning along with you.

Let me be clear, this is a massive amount of value. It includes six modules of content, 20+ hours of videos, 10 different projects, and dozens of individual examples.

You'll get lifetime access to the course!

I've helped hundreds of students learn Vue. Every time I run it, I learn a little bit more about the students taking it. I'm continually making updates and tweaks to give you the best experience I can. After enrolling you'll have access as long as I'm around. ^_^

Module Breakdown!

Module 1 - Vue Fundamentals

Learn everything you need to be effective with the fundamental building block of Vue applications. When you’re finished, you’ll be prepared to create basic applications.

Module 2 - Components

Learn the ins and outs of props and events. We'll deep dive into components, and how you can break your application into smaller parts.

Module 3 - Intermediate

We'll take a look at state management in Vue with Vuex. We'll explore animations, testing and Nuxt. We'll then take a look at some more intermediate topics including renderless functions and scoped slots.

Module 4 - Advanced

During this module we'll learn some more advanced Vue topics. We'll take a look at TypeScript, and the proper way to use it in Vue 2 and Vue 3 applications. We will then talk to a backend server and learn the proper way to do authentication and authorization. We'll then take a look at deploying your application to the cloud.

Module 5 - Vue 3

Learn how Vue 3 and the composition API can help you organize your application more efficinetly. We'll then take a look at upgrading Vue and some enterprise Vue application patterns.

Module 6 - Vue Component Libraries

Learn how the Vue ecosystem can help you create amazing applications with Vuetify, and Vue Bootstrap. We'll also take a look at Vite, Vuepress and more!

Starting Learning Now

What are other people saying about my courses?

When it comes to learning Vue, there is no one I would recommend more than Erik. He is both focused and engaging as he delivers lessons with real-world applications. Erik is a top player in the software industry and his goal is to get you there as well.
Caleb Curry | Engineer, Mentor & Educator

"I've partnered up with Erik on multiple projects. His knowledge and insight he brings to the table is invaluable. I have no doubt his latest Vue course will meet his high standards!"
Dylan Israel | Engineer, Mentor & Educator

We've worked with hundreds of course authors, and as an author of dozens of courses myself, I can honestly say that Erik is a standout author who has an amazing way of designing courses and keeping them interesting."
Joe Eames CEO of Thinkster

"Erik is an excellent teacher and this course is packed full of amazing content. In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of Vue, and each module is backed with a project to reinforce what you learned. If you're looking to learn Vue and land that next job, this course is for you."
Dan Vega | Husband, Father, Vue Developer

Hey I'm Erik! You might know me from my YouTube channel Program With Erik, my book Vue.js in Action, or the Self-Taught or Not podcast.

Vue has been a passion of mine for several years now. I've had the pleasure of working with some really fun apps, and I want to share how I did it.

Teaching by example is how I've helped hundreds of students learn Vue. I can't wait to teach everything I know so you can land that sweet, sweet Vue job and level up your skills!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Vue over React or Angular, or just use CSS and HTML?

No matter your background you should learn Vue.js. If you're a brand new developer, Vue is a great starting off point. You don't have to know JavaScript really well to get started, unlike React. With a course like mine you'll learn everything you need to know to start developing Vue apps right away.

Are you a more experienced developer? Once again, Vue is the perfect framework to learn, market demand is growing and having Vue skills will make you that much more marketable. Also, with Vue 3 you can't go wrong!

When does the course start?

What Will I Get Out Of The Course?

You will get real world knowledge on how to create, upgrade and maintain Vue / Vue 3 apps. You'll understand how Vuex works, and how to connect to APIs. You'll understand how the composition API works. You'll understand how TypeScript works and how to add it to your apps! By the end of the course you'll be, for all intents and purposes, a Vue developer.

What if I'm not sure?

I have a 30 day no question asked refund policy! I want to make sure your happy, so if you're not let me know!

This is too much money!

I understand that in the climate we are in, things are tough and I want to help you out. If you just lost your job, or going through a hardship let me know. Maybe I can help you out ^_^

I dont have the time for this right now!

That's OK, everyone is busy, but let me explain why you should reconsider. One of the reasons I made this course is to save you time. The class is structured so you'll be able to learn in chunks, much faster then you could on your own. Also, all the videos are recorded and you can come back at any time, including the live classes. Many of my students take breaks during the course, and that's OK. You can work at your own pace, and I'm happy to help, when you're not so busy.

Does This Include Live Classes?

No, the course does not include any classes or calls. However, if you purchase the complete class package you'll receive a one hour mentorship call with me. You will also have access to the previous classes zoom calls and you can always email me with questions.

Can you send me an invoice so I can get reimbured by my work?

Yes, if you're getting reimbured by your work let me know what they need. I can send an invoice, an official receipt, or whatever else. Heck, I'll send a telegram if they want it ^_^!

Can I get a team license?

Yes! I'd love to work with you and your team. Email me at erik at ProgramWithErik dot com and I'll set you and your team up. In addition I do offer private classes too.

I can just go buy a $10 course off of Udemy that's a 100 hours long, why should I buy your course?

By all means, buy that course, and sign up for anything else that will help you learn Vue. What I'm offering is more than just a video course. What I'm offering is a structured content plan, that will enhance your Vue skills.

I like to compare this course to what you would get charged taking a 4 - 6 hour workshop at a conference. Those classes are often $600 - $1000 dollars or more. Also, I do offer a money back guarantee, so if it's not working for you, let me know.

I have another question!

Sure - email me at erik at ProgramWithErik dot com!

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